Rock and roll is dead

Posted: October 2, 2013 in Music, Uncategorized

Why Evolution Is True

This is the second installment in the “Hey kids, get off of my lawn!” series.

I woke up this morning and, during desultory browsing of the internet, found an announcement of Avril Lavigne’s latest song, “Rock”. Have a listen, if you can stand it.

Here’s what’s wrong with this song, and with many rock songs and videos these days:

  • Blatant product placement
  • No musicality: shouting
  • Song shows no signs of creativity; sounds like many other songs on the air. Tune (if there is one) is dull; words forgettable.
  • Attempt to cover up lack of creativity with shock value: cursing; girl-on-girl kiss featuring Danica McKellar (think Katy Perry); superheroes; and even a shark beheaded by a buzzsaw. Other recent music videos have covered up the lack of interesting music with unclad women.
  • AUTOTUNING (voices are adjusted electronically): the curse of modern rock.  Who had that bad idea, which is grossly overused?

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  1. Holy hell, this is a crazy stupid video. Why bother labelling something “rock and roll” if you’re going to produce blatant pop crap? Rant over, analysis begins: I’m going to mention something that you may not really be focussing on – but it’s relevant to my ’cause’ blog. Avril’s lyrics are complete hypocrisy and “I’m different (read: better) to all the other girls”. Her opening verse quotes
    “I don’t care about my make-up
    I like it better with my jeans all ripped up”
    But did anybody else notice the BUCKET load of make-up she was wearing and the intensively styled ‘torn’ jeans she was wearing? It’s ridiculous stuff like this that gives people a completely unrealistic view of being ‘different’ to other women.
    “Don’t care about a reputation
    Must be living in the wrong generation
    This is your invitation
    Let’s get wasted”
    Blunt “I’m cook because drugs” lyric. You’re right that it’s a stupid clip and a forgettable song. No idea why people make this crap and label it rock. It’s definitely music for eyes and not ears.
    (Also the girl on girl kiss what the actual hell).

    • You’re right, it’s 100% manufactured. Where’s the sincerity gone in music? Anyone with a brain in their head can see through this, but still there’s a generation of young, ignorant people who don’t, and unfortunantly for some they just never grow out of it.

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